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Cutting tools are manufactured in accordance with customer and/or manufacturer specifications, using tested and proven technologies supported by a long-term manufacturing tradition. 

We manufacture tools from tool steels, high-speed steels and stainless steels which are characterized by high toughness, high strength and high wear resistance of the working edge:


Our products:

  • Straight and cutting knives made of tool- and high-speed steels up to a length of 1000mm and a weight of 30 kg, max. For the food industry our knives are manufactured of hardened stainless steel.
  • Knives for cutting scrap metal
  • Circular knives for longitudinal cutting of material, made of tool and high-speed steel grades, having a maximum diameter of 500mm with a tolerance ±0,002mm and a weight of up to 30kg.

We can also manufacture spacer rings up to the above given parameters. For the food industry, we manufacture circular knives of hardened stainless steel grades.

  • Shear blades for dosing glass made of high-speed steels, both machined and pressed.
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