Strojírny Poldi is perceived not only as a direct successor of the engineering tradition under the Poldi brand, but also as a leading engineering ...

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Strojírny Poldi is perceived not only as a direct successor of the engineering tradition under the Poldi brand, but also as a leading engineering ...

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Strojírny Poldi is perceived not only as a direct successor of the engineering tradition under the Poldi brand, but also as a leading engineering company in the Kladno region. It is good that awareness of Strojírny Poldi is growing, as confirmed by the distinguished visit the company welcomed last week. The guest was Mr. Jan Hamáček, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, together with Deputy Mr. Zdeněk Syblík.

Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Mr. Jan Hamáček, Strojírny Poldi CEO Mr. Marcus Pauels, and Deputy Zdeněk Syblík at the statue of Karl Wittgenstein, the founder of Poldi


At the beginning, Strojírny Poldi CEO Mr. Marcus Pauels introduced the company and its products. Chairman Hamáček was interested in the challenges the company faces. In particular, the situation with a shortage of skilled workers not only in Kladno but also on the Czech market in general. The 170th birthday anniversary of Karel Wittgenstein, the Poldi founder, and the entire engineering tradition in the Kladno region was commemorated.

Then, the guests, along with the CEO and other members of the management, had a tour of the production of crankshafts, and of the museum that shows the history and tradition Strojírny Poldi is trying to continue in and is proud of.

Jan Hamáček, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, accompanied by Strojírny Poldi's CEO Mr. Marcus Pauels, discusses about the production of crankshafts

The following program was also attended by representatives of the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering and Higher Technical School, Director Mr. Miroslav Dundr, and Deputy Director Mr. Jiří Šíma. The aim of the meeting was to present to the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies the collaboration of the company and the school in acquiring new students for the first year of the school, the cooperation in the development of the school, as well as the possibilities of practical training of the students at the premises of Strojírny Poldi and the subsequent employment of the graduates.

Discussion of representatives of the management of the Secondary Technical School and of Strojírny Poldi with the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Jan Hamáček, and Deputy Mr. Zdeněk Syblík

The visit of the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Mr. Jan Hamáček, to Strojírny Poldi was not only a proof of the interest of the country leaders in leading Czech manufacturing companies, but also confirmation of the importance of the company as an employer in the Kladno region.




Cooperation, that was established between the Technical college and Strojirny Poldi at the beginning of the year, has continued by visiting of the director of the school, Mr. Miroslav Dundr and leaders of the mechanical engineering study programme April 21st  at Strojirny Poldi.  

Representatives of the management of the Technical college and Strojirny Poldi.

(Third from right the Director of the Technical college, Mr. Miroslav Dundr, fourth CEO of Strojirny Poldi, M. Marcus Pauels)

 sps kladno

On this occasion, an agreement of sponsorship was signed, purpose of which is to contribute to the improvement of technical facility of classrooms. Also the current machines of Strojirny and its future plans were introduced to the visitors. Then an intention of greater involvement of the company in the practical training of students was further discussed together with management of production and technical department.

During the visit, Karl Wittgenstein, founder of Poldi, was recalled. His 170 years’ birth anniversary is celebrated right in April 2017. Karl Wittgenstein was very important person not only for Strojirny Poldi, as follower of tradition of Poldi, but also for the city of Kladno as well as for the Technical college. Certainly, without development of mechanical engineering in Kladno region, even local technical education would be different.

In Strojirny Poldi we believe that close cooperation with regional educational institutions, mutual support and sharing of experience is the only way to build in parents of potential students trust in mechanical engineering study and by this to ensure development of mechanical engineering in the region.  


11.04.2017 | We celebrate an important anniversary!

Our company, continuer of production of high quality steel products under a Poldi Trade mark, recalled April 8th an important anniversary of 170 years from birth of Karl Wittgenstein, founder of Poldi. 

Karl Wittgenstein was born April 8th 1847 in Gohlis near Leipzig. To Kladno he came in 1886, where he became a director of Prague-Steel Company. His ironworks he founded in 1889 and name it after his wife Leopoldina, or POLDI.  Five-pointed star in the world-famous logo with a female head symbolizes five continents where Poldi steelworks exported its steel and steel products.

For Strojirny Poldi a.s. is history, that the company builds on, very strong commitment and also source of proudness. It has become a part of our motto: „Great history. Excellent future“. Therefore we were honoured to welcome in the company the Mayor of the Statutory City of Kladno, Mr. Milan Volf and discuss together what Karl Wittgenstein meant and means for Strojirny Poldi as well as for the City of Kladno.

 The Mayor of the Statutory City of Kladno, Mr. Milan Volf with the CEO of Strojirny Poldi, Mr. Marcus H. Pauels by the statue of Karl Wittgenstein.

The Mayor of the Statutory City of Kladno, Mr. Milan Volf with the CEO of Strojirny Poldi, Mr. Marcus H. Pauels by the statue of Karl Wittgenstein.


07.03.2017 | Changes in Company Management

The Board of Directors of STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. announces the following changes in the management of the company valid from March 1st, 2017.

  • Ladislav Houžva has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s.
  • Marcus Pauels has been elected Member of the Board of Directors of STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. and continues to be responsible as Chief Executive Officer of the company.
  • Pavel Kocián has been elected Chief Financial Officer of the company STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s.

We are looking forward to continue driving the further growth of the company with this new management structure.


16.02.2017 | Untraditional lesson of English at Technical College in Kladno!

On Thursday February 16th 2017, students of engineering at Technical college in Kladno got an opportunity to receive information about history, present and future plans of STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. straight from CEO of the company Mr. Marcus Pauels and Head of Quality and HR Mr. Tomas Mikuta. And as Mr. Pauels does not speak Czech, we use the occasion also as a support of learning of English amongst students, therefore the presentation was led in this language. Another event within a frame of cooperation between Strojirny and the school to support technical education in the region!  


14.06.2016 | We Celebrate 100 Years of the Crankshafts Serial Production

Since 1916 until Now in Full Swing 
The first evidence of serial contracts for STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. dates back to 1916. Despite two world wars and changes of the political regime, which fundamentally altered the nature of the market, we have never stopped delivering crankshafts to our customers. All this time, STROJÍRNY POLDI has maintained its position of a strong brand.

Paradoxes of War: Suffering as well as Prosperity
Sadly, it is no secret that some companies flourish in times of war in spite of its horrible implications for the population. STROJÍRNY POLDI was an example of a company, the production of which met the demand of the constant supply of weapons material and iron structures. During the First World War, new production shops as well as a new factory in Chomutov were built while the number of employees increased more than four times.

From Austria-Hungary with Love: A Gift to an Enemy
Although STROJÍRNY POLDI was allowed to deliver only to customers from Austria-Hungary and Germany in wartime, components from Kladno were to be found in an Italian motor airship, the construction of which preceded the war. The Italians used it immediately after entering the war on the Allied Powers side in 1915. However, the airship Cità di Ferarra with four motor shafts, one air screw shaft, axis and pins made from POLDI steel was destroyed in the same year during an air raid on the base Pula.

Perfectly Machined Crankshafts at the Air Show
STROJÍRNY POLDI made an enormous progress in production quality during the war. The air show in Wiener Neustadt in 1916 was an important testimony of its headway. There, STROJÍRNY POLDI displayed perfectly machined six cylinder and eight cylinder crankshafts for the first time. Even then, their quality was comparable to later produced and structurally very elaborate crankshafts Daimler and Horch.

Modern Hall and Better Quality of Steel
STROJÍRNY POLDI’s answer to the increased demand for cars and trucks, tractors and fighter aircraft were not only the enlargement of the production plant, but also the development of a better type of steel. The new constructional steel that was more machinable  and had greater strength began to be produced at the turn of 1916 and 1917 in the new reinforced concrete building designed by the famous architect Josef Hoffmann. The production in what is now called “Mechanika 2” has never stopped and continued until present.


14.06.2016 | 10 Years together with Jet Investment

Jet Investment Group and its managing partner Igor Fait has supported STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. in its progress for the past ten years. The group became the owner of our engineering company in 2006. As one of the few candidates interested in buying STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s., Jet Investment cared a great deal about keeping the production in our hundred years old halls. It was not very popular at that time for investors to pin their hope on Czech engineering companies. However, it was due to this bold approach Jet Investment outrivalled Indian and German buyers in the end.

A Strong Partner Who Kept Us on the Market
A highly competitive market was the main reason for a change in ownership ten years ago. Only those who kept up with its ever-growing demands could have carried on. It is now clear that the vital modernization of machinery would not have been possible without the financial resources that were brought in by the investment group. It helped us survive and Jet Investment Management continues in supporting our company nowadays as it did ten years ago.

15 Rescued Companies
Since its formation in 1997, Jet Investment has restructured or reorganized over 15 companies. Jet Investment is also responsible for the two biggest reorganizations of manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic. Currently, apart from STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s., Jet Investment manages five other successful companies which were also given a new chance to take a deep breath, start over and show their full potential. These are: an engineering plant from Třebíč PBS INDUSTRY, a successor to the former railway carriage producer MSV Metal Studénka, technical fabrics manufacturer Kordárna PLUS from Velká nad Veličkou or wood processing company  from Čáslav LESS & TIMBER.

Into the Following Years with Full Drive
In order to maintain its position on the globalized market as well as to stay an important employer within the region, STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. cannot afford to cease their efforts in innovating their processes and finding new, perspective markets. With this goal in mind, a new leadership came to STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. last year and it is also the key focus of Jet Investment Management. Last year, the group has transformed into an investment company that manages funds for qualified investors.
STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. , which is newly an integral part of the fund JET I, can profit from the freshly acquired financial power of the group. New customers, recruitment of new employees or a contract for the biggest crankshafts in the last ten years confirm that STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. are at the cutting edge of their field. It takes a lot of effort from each and every one in the company but, in our opinion, it is definitely worth it.


03.05.2016 | Students visit at STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. – University of Groningen

Within the study association TEMA we had an opportunity on May 3rd, 2016 to welcome a group of students from the University of Groningen, one of the oldest and largest university in the Netherlands.

Together with the company management students visited the production area where the plant tour was held and later on the afternoon presentations followed by discussion.

Students had the chance to ask questions directly to individual management members responsible for their departments and also come up with their ideas for improvements.

The result of the discussion is beneficial to all involved participants. We are looking forward to next cooperation!


11. - 17. 4. 2016 | BAUMA 2016

We would like to kindly invite you to the biggest engineering fair BAUMA 2016. The exhibition will take place from 11 to 17 April at the Messe München exhibition grounds, Munich. 

We are looking forward to your visit at stand Nr. 415 in C1 hall, together with sister companies MSV METAL STUDÉNKA and PBS INDUSTRY!


08.12.2015 | Welcome to our new company website!

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the new Media Pack. You might have already noticed our new company logo and you are more than welcome to explore our new website. Moreover, we have intensively worked towards and have put a lot of thought into the new, significantly modernized company brochures, in which you will find detailed description of our products and services. The ultimate goal of the new visual style is to demonstrate the "new era of STROJÍRNY POLDI", which I am proud to present.

In order to keep delivering the best products in the world, we have strengthened our team and redefined our targets. By adopting these measures we strive to maintain the position of a preferred supplier for our existing customers, but we also aspire to become one for new business partners in the future.

We are excited to get in touch with you.

Kind regards,  


Marcus Pauels



06.11.2015 | New WFL Millturn M50 / 3000 Machine

New WFL Millturn M50 / 3000 machine has successfully arrived to our Plant. After assembly and setup, we will start working with it in January 2016.


06.10.2015 | STROJÍRNY POLDI signed the contract with WFL Millturn Technologies

Marcus Pauels, CEO of STROJIRNY POLDI signs the purchase contract for a supply of new WFL Millturn Machine M50 / 3000 at “EMO Milano 2015” ExhibitIon in Milano on October 6th, 2015. “It is a great day for our company and new era which will strengthen the position of STROJIRNY POLDI worldwide, especially at our product diversification around engines, drives and axles of the vehicles of our customers”  Marcus Pauels added.


18.02.2015 | The World speed record beaten!

This is the fastest farm tractor in the world with a max. speed of 130.165 km/h certified by Guinness Book of Records. It is a “Valtra T234” from AGCO-Group, equipped with a crankshaft from STROJIRNY POLDI. Another proof of a high quality and precision. We are proud of that success.