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The production of crankshafts by STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. follows a long standing manufacturing tradition. The first crankshaft, for ship engines, left the former POLDI Hütte factory back in 1897, with the first automobile crankshaft, ordered by Austro Daimler, produced in 1904.

Semi-finished products for our mass production are purchased as die-castings and forgings. For low volume production, we are using free forgings. The high quality of our finished product is based on the experience, expertise and skills of our company´s staff. This is supported by modern machinery and the latest production techniques.

Product parameters are verified by STROJÍRNY POLDI’s independent control department inspectors and are audited by teams from our customers and certifying organizations.

STROJÍRNY POLDI, a.s. delivers high quality crankshafts for the engines of leading global brands engaged in the production of Trucks, Buses and Tractors, agricultural, forestry and construction equipment, rail and aerospace transport as well as pumps and compressors.



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